Wreath Trends For Christmas 2018

By on 14th December 2018

Homeowners who love having a garden they can be proud of will most likely want to make their front door stand out on the street by hanging up a spectacular wreath during the festive season.

Here are just some of the latest wreath trends for 2018 to make your display one of the best this Christmas.


– All-Berry Wreath

Wreaths are traditionally made of twigs, leaves, flowers and even fruit arranged into a ring and hung on your front door. However, they don’t need to all look the same, and this year you could skip the foliage and instead opt for an all-berry wreath.

The deep red colour of the berries will make it look unique and will certainly add some colour to most front doors.


– Pinecone wreath

Another alternative to a usual wreath is having one made entirely out of pinecones. This is ideal for those who want a more natural, rustic-looking decoration to put on their door this year.

You can make it even more festive by spraying gently with white paint to give the illusion of snow on the pinecones.


– Bell wreaths 

While it is not uncommon to see wreaths with bows, tartan or ribbon, adding bells is more unusual, which is why it has been picked as a big trend this Christmas.

Make your wreath more musical by adding some festive bells to the twigs and foliage – and the bells will certainly go ringing out for Christmas Day.

Whether you create your own wreath or simply buy one, first make sure your front lawn is in a good state for guests to see. Get in touch with gardeners in North London who can get your outdoor space looking its best in time for family and friends to visit this holiday.