How To Create A Moss Garden At Home

By on 21st January 2019

Do you fancy giving your garden a bit of a makeover this year? January is certainly the perfect time to start thinking about it so you can be ready to roll once spring comes around – and, as ever, if you need a bit of help in any respect give Enfield gardening services Aspen Rose a quick bell and we’ll pop over to see what can be done.

But what on earth should you do and what changes should you introduce to your outdoor spaces to make them warm, welcoming and lovely to spend time in?

It might be that a moss garden is a good addition to your backyard this year and the good news is that it isn’t especially difficult to achieve, so even if you’re a novice when it comes to green thumbs you should be able get the job done… and done well.

You will still need to do a bit of maintenance work from time to time, like weeding and keeping your patch free from debris like leaves and so on, but you’d likely have to do this anyway.

Moss will thrive regardless of the type of soil you have, although anything with lots of sand could prove tricky since you need stability for the moss to grow. It is advisable, however, to plant your companion plants before you bring in your moss, so that this can grow around the rest of the garden.

Have a read of this article on the Independent website to help you really get to grips with your moss garden this year.