Top Tips For Creating A Small Low-Maintenance Garden

By on 31st October 2018

For many people lucky enough to have a garden at their property, the amount of outdoor space can be quite limited. This can especially be the case in urban areas or where you’ve chosen to extend your home into your garden.

That can present a challenge when it comes to knowing how to make the most of this part of your home. But there are some exciting things you can do, even with a small garden.

Homes and Property recently offered some tips on the best ways to create a low-maintenance garden that looks good all year round, even if you don’t have loads of space.

Sheila Jack recommended using evergreen plants to bring the garden to life, but to introduce softer textures through grasses and flowering perennials.

Trees or larger plants in containers can be a great way to introduce levels into a smaller space, she added.

Meanwhile, Colm Joseph made recommendations for a number of low-maintenance plants that can be great in smaller gardens. He suggested planting star jasmine along fences, as well as introducing one or two Malus “Evereste” crab apple trees.

They’re a particularly good choice in small gardens because they aren’t overly large, produce white blossom in spring and then red crab apples in autumn and winter. They’re also popular with birds.

If you want to introduce more wildlife to your outdoor space, and particularly butterflies, you also need to consider planting nectar-producing plants like verbena and Russian sage that can extend the nectar season for the insects.

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