Experts Predict Gardening Trends For 2019

By on 3rd October 2018

Now that the weather has turned, you might be already thinking about your gardening next year, with garden services in North London carrying out the work. If you want some cutting edge inspiration, David and Harry Rich, best known for winning gold at the Chelsea Flower Show, spoke to House Beautiful about the garden trends they’re predicting for 2019.

As the evenings begin to get darker quicker, investing in some smart lighting techniques to allow you to spend longer outside seems to be the way to go. It’s all about the details when it comes to choosing lighting for your garden. You could highlight certain areas, placing a light under a tree for example to make a feature out of it. The colour of light is also important to get right – a warmer orange light will create a relaxed atmosphere whereas a brighter white light is uplifting so perfect for a party.

When it comes to picking plants, evergreen topiaries are a great choice for your garden. They will provide much needed interest to your garden as well as colour in the winter months. Pair these structured evergreens with grasses for lots of texture and shape.

It’s a fun idea to create an outdoor space for the kids, such as a tree house, but for 2019 it’s all about outdoor spaces for adults, create an outdoor structure in your favourite area of your garden that you can hide away in and chill out. Keep the exterior of any structures unpainted so that it will blend into the garden.