Robot Lawn Mowers ‘Threat’ To Wildlife

By on 3rd September 2018

We’re all familiar with the robot vacuum cleaners that move around our homes when we’re not there and keep things spic and span. And now this kind of technology is making its way into gardening equipment, but is it such a good idea?

One organisation thinks that we should stick to the manual way of gardening to help protect our native wildlife.

Peta UK has pointed out that hedgehogs in particular are at risk, because their natural defence when they’re scared is to curl up and spread their spikes – something that provides no protection from the blades of a lawn mower.

They also noted that these robot lawn mowers are becoming quieter and quieter, giving animals no warning that they’re approaching.

If you’re worried about injuring hedgehogs, or any other animals in your garden, Peta’s first piece of advice is to use manual methods where possible, and to thoroughly search your garden to see if there are any creatures hiding anywhere.

If you don’t have the time to do basic gardening like mowing the lawn yourself, you might want to pay someone to carry out garden maintenance in London to keep your outdoor space in good shape and to take care of the wildlife too.

Hedgehogs are great creatures to have in your garden, as they provide brilliant natural pest control, eating slugs and other insects. Earlier this summer, the Guardian offered some advice on how to encourage hedgehogs into your garden.

Letting grass grow longer, creating leaf and log piles and even putting in a shallow pond or place where they can get water were among the top suggestions.