How To Protect Your Knees While Gardening

By on 6th July 2018

As amazing as gardening and spending lots of time outside can be for your general health and wellbeing, it can take its toll on certain parts of your body because you spend a lot of time crouching, bending and kneeling on the ground.

We’ve just heard that none other than gardening guru Alan Titchmarsh has actually had to have knee surgery because of all the time he’s devoted to planting, weeding and kneeling down over the years… which should be something of a stark warning to all of you out there with green thumbs as well.

The Daily Express columnist had this to say about the condition of his knees: “I have had what is known as knee arthroscopy on both my knees and my surgeon did it to investigate the reason for my knee pain. While he was doing it, he removed all my damaged tissue and cartilage. I had it all cleared out and they feel so much better. I’ve got bad knees as a result of a lot of kneeling over the years from gardening and it has got a bit frayed in there, but I am a spring chicken again now.”

How to prevent gardener’s knee

When kneeling down, use knee pads as this will help to protect your joints and they can also stop your knee cap from swelling. Alternatively, take a cushion out into the garden with you – or buy dungarees that come with knee cushions built in.

Always ask for help with big jobs that might prove difficult for you or put strain on your knees, take frequent breaks and transport your garden supplies in small quantities.

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