Top Tips To Care For Your Plants In The Heatwave

By on 2nd July 2018

The UK has been basking in glorious sunshine and high temperatures for a week now, and with the forecasters predicting that this hot spell is set to last into July, it’s sensible to make sure you’re taking proper care of all your plants.

Writing for the Telegraph, Helen Yemm recently offered some advice for anyone who’s worried about how some of their plants are dealing with the warmth.

And with a hosepipe ban possible in some parts of the country, making sure you know which plants to prioritise with your watering efforts is essential.

She stated that you need to start by watering the plants you’ve got in containers, because they are often the most vulnerable. You can help them retain more moisture in the soil by moving them into the shade.

If you grow your own produce, make sure you’re giving enough water to soft fruit and vegetable plants that require water to help their crop grow. Courgettes, tomatoes, potatoes and onions are among the ones to focus on, Ms Yemm said.

Make sure you also take the time to give any newly planted additions to your garden a “slow drench once every few days to encourage them to make deep roots”, she added.

One area you shouldn’t worry about though is your lawn. Ms Yemm explained that the grass will always return to its vibrant green once you have some rainfall, so this is one area you can leave to bake in the sun.

If all of that sounds like a lot to remember, get some help with garden maintenance in London. If you’re planning any trips away, it’s especially important that you have someone coming to your home regularly to take care of the plants.

Just remember, that while the hot weather might be a challenge for some of your plants it also brings a lot of benefits – not least the opportunity for you to get outside and enjoy your green space as much as possible.