Gardeners Should Make The Most of The Hot Summer

By on 20th June 2018

The best gardening services Enfield has to offer should be taken advantage of this summer0.

The UK is set for one of the longest, hottest summers for a while and all outdoor lovers should make sure their ‘second living room’ is kept to its highest possible standard.

Jeff Knight, manager of modelling of climate variability at the Met Office told Country Living: “Our long term outlook for the summer suggests a greater chance that temperatures will be above average, than below average.”

The long-range weather forecast is released by the Met Office so the Government can do the work necessary to prepare for potential health hazards from the weather, such as heat waves or extreme cold.

While the summer should create great conditions for gardeners, which should mean your garden looks the best it has for a while, don’t expect a heatwave.

The long-term forecast actually looks at general themes for the summer, and doesn’t predict specific weather. While there could indeed be a heat wave this summer, this has not been specifically predicted.

Gardeners were able to bask in the sunshine on both bank holiday weekends in May, giving the garden a great kickstart to the year after a difficult spring.

Though there has been some unsettled weather in June forecasters are predicting drier more settled weather will return to the UK through the end of June.

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