Trends To Try From The Chelsea Flower Show

By on 1st June 2018

If you took a trip to the RHS Chelsea Flower Show last week, you might have a fresh wave of inspiration to call in some gardening services for your Enfield home. However, if you weren’t lucky enough to get your hands on some tickets, here are the biggest trends from the show that can be applied to your own garden, thanks to Country Living.

First up, time to put that water feature front and centre. Central ponds and pools bring the most soothing, calming element of your garden to prominence, and can be enjoyed from all sides.

Romantic old-fashioned blooms such as lupins and delphiniums were seen in several gardens at this year’s show, delivering a cottage, or even sometimes country house, feel, which is a refreshing break from some of the modern garden spaces on show.

Elsewhere, focusing on plants that not only make for a beautiful garden, but also can be used in cooking and more was a popular trend. Edibles, such as thyme, coriander and lemon balm, sit alongside plants which are super bee-friendly. The plight of British bees was a common theme across many gardens in the show.

Spire plants were spotted all over the show, giving vertical interest in plant beds, and a great way to inject colour. Mark Gregory’s contemporary cottage garden won the Gold Medal with its heavy use of spire-like flowers.

Dark and moody blooms were also the order of the day, with gorgeous purple blooms featured heavily, echoing one of the biggest trending colours of the year.