How To Protect Your Garden Gnomes

By on 10th May 2018

Aside from stunning flowers, majestic trees and perfectly manicured lawns, a beautiful garden will always feature some kind of decorative item or other… and a lot of the time, these are funny little garden gnomes!

These stout little beings are typically men with red pointy hats, mythical creatures who historically live underground. Many moons ago, they were considered to be the most important spirit of the Earth element, able to move their way below ground as easily as we do above it… but if they were caught above ground in daylight, the rays of the sun turned them to stone!

The little statues that we know and love today were first created by German sculptor Phillip Griebel, who made them for people to put in their gardens and pretend that they looked after the lawns, flowers and plants at night when everyone was asleep.

These days, however, garden gnomes are quite attractive prospects for potential thieves. Just take a look at this article about an elderly lady in Angus who unfortunately had 37 of her garden gnomes pinched quite heartlessly!

No one wants to wake up in the morning to find their garden gnomes have vanished… so what can you do to protect them properly? A sturdy fence around your property may prove useful, as could installing motion-activated security lights so there are no dark spots where people can hide. You might also want to consider having a CCTV camera installed that overlooks the garden.

If you have a particularly sentimental garden gnome that you couldn’t bear to lose, you could even go so far as to install a GPS tracking device inside so you can track their whereabouts if they are suddenly whisked away by a nefarious individual.

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