Garden ‘On Wishlist’ For Potential Home Buyers

By on 8th May 2018

A garden was the fourth most sought-after thing that prospective buyers look for in a new home, new research has revealed.

City AM shared the findings of the Gocompare Home Insurance home buyer survey, which revealed that 69 per cent of people looking for their next abode would like one with a garden.

The three things that were higher priorities were central heating (82 per cent), double glazing (80 per cent) and secure windows and doors (74 per cent).

Having a driveway or dedicated parking space was also on the list, at number eight, but this suggests that if you have a home and are thinking of paving over your front garden to create a parking space you may end up turning potential buyers off.

If you have a garden but don’t know how to manage it or where to start to get it into shape for the summer, consider paying for garden maintenance in London to help you make the most of your outdoor space.

In a city like London, where so much space is being built on, having your own patch of green space can become even more important.

For those who are lucky enough to have a garden, now is the time to start planting for the summer and ensure that all of your flower beds come alive in a riot of colour as soon as the weather properly warms up.

Dahlias, canna, zinnias and cosmos were among the varieties recently recommended in an article for iNews if you’re hoping to bring some vibrant shades to your garden this year.