Top Tips To Get Your Garden In Shape After Winter

By on 13th April 2018

You could be forgiven for leaving your outdoor space to its own devices over the winter months – especially this year given the long spells of cold weather we’ve had.

But now that spring is finally appearing, you may be looking at your garden in despair. Where should you start with getting it into shape for the summer and making it a space that you and your friends and family can enjoy?

An article for Homes & Property recently offered a few tips, but if you really feel overwhelmed by the task at hand, pay for gardening services in Enfield to get your green space in shape in next to no time.

The best place to begin with sorting your garden out is by tackling the weeds. If there are lots of them, you may want to invest in a weed burner, the newspaper suggests, although using a hoe will be sufficient for most weeds you encounter in your garden.

Once you’ve dealt with the weeds, you should look to your perennials. Cut back the brown stems to let the new growth come through. If you’ve got climbing plants, tie in any new shoots to prevent them from becoming unruly.

Add compost to your flower beds at this time of year to give all your plants a boost. If you top it off with woodchip, you’ll also help keep weeds at bay, the news provider notes.

If you want to give your garden a complete makeover, rather than just a tidy up, check out some of our top tips – thinking about what you want to use your garden for is one of the most important things to do before you start coming up with any new designs, to ensure that you make best use of the space.