3 Tips For Spring Garden Makeovers

By on 10th April 2018

Now that the cold weather has started to die down and the sun is showing its face again, time to take stock of the damage done to the garden and start to think about finding gardening services within London to get it back to its spring best. Not sure where to start? These top tips from garden designers from the Somerset County Gazette might just do the job.

Over the colder winter months, planted borders can die down and the impact of foliage may be lost – something you’ll yearn for in your summer garden. To keep your space looking luscious all year round, it’s a great idea to invest in some evergreen plants to add some much needed coverage and height, especially if you need to cover up imposing fences. Spring is the perfect month to get these in, and some great options to looking out for when briefing your garden designer are Pittosporum tenuifolium, Viburnum tinus and Elaeagnus x ebbingei, which will flourish all year round.

Consider carefully how you use your garden space and work out what the priority is. If you mostly use it for sitting out, socialising and having barbecues, then why not think out extending some of your patio area at the expense of lawn. If your budget is tight, then lay a mix on patio slabs mixed with gravel which can look great and still provide a comfortable space for relaxing.

If your garden is overlooked by neighbours, then a great way to screen off your garden without imposing fencing is to plant a row of trees at the border instead.. If you have bare walls or unappealing concrete render, then spring is also a great time to re-paint before plants grow back and prevent you from doing so. Choose a colour that compliments your garden.