What Vegetable Seeds Should You Sow In April?

By on 4th April 2018

If you are getting gardening services to spruce up your garden in Enfield this spring, then this may be the best year for you to start growing your own vegetables.

Plenty of people are starting to grow their own vegetables in their garden and this is a great thing to do if you want to save some money, fill a gap in your garden or just learn the satisfaction that comes with growing your own food.

If you are planning on doing that then now is the time to get sowing, so you have plants to plant out when the weather warms up.

Remember, we have had a cold spring so don’t be too concerned if you haven’t started yet, everything will be a bit delayed this year anyway.


  1. Potatoes

If you haven’t already started chitting your potatoes then now is the time to do so. Place them in an empty egg carton near but not directly next to a window, and plant them out in late April.


  1. Tomatoes

If you want to grow tomatoes this year then it is important to get them in now so that there is plenty of time for them to grow. If you are going to grow them outside you want them to be large enough to plant out by the end of May, so sowing them now will give you a chance to do that.


  1. Courgette and pumpkins

Pumpkins and courgettes also need to be sown indoors, as they need a high temperature to germinate. These should be potted on until the weather warms up in late May.