Do You Have A Smart Garden?

By on 24th March 2018

These days, everything has a technological twist to it, don’t you think? And why not! If using what tech we have at our disposal makes our lives easier, then it makes perfect sense to do it. But did you know that as well as making your home smart you could make your garden smart as well?

Taking advantage of the different gadgets and devices we now have at our fingertips could actually help your garden grow. You could, for example, make use of something like the Orbit B-hyve Faucet Timer+ to set up your very own smart irrigation system, which will connect to an outdoor tap and then be controlled using your smartphone.

There are also plant sensors you can invest in that you plant in the soil to gather information on the surroundings, sending it straight back to your phone or other device. You can even use these indoors to help you keep an eye on your potted plants as well as those outside. If you’re something of a forgetful gardener, you’re sure to enjoy the push notification feature that tells you when you need to water your plants!

And let’s not forget about the robot lawnmower – these are still on the expensive side but if you’re a busy soul who doesn’t want to let their garden overgrow this could make a very solid investment indeed.

And while it might not be a gadget as such, we’re also quite taken with GROWTH, an origami-esque plant pot that will expand and grow as your plant does, so there’s no need to constantly be repotting and buying new containers.

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