What You Need To Know About Bird Boxes

By on 13th March 2018

With spring just around the corner after all the snow and cold weather we’ve been having, now is the perfect time to start thinking about how to help birds – and in fact other small creatures – make the most of your garden when they come to nest.

One expert has recently shared her top tips in a blog for the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS). Miranda Hodgson explained that as well as thinking carefully about where you’re going to put bird boxes in your garden, you also need to consider the type of bird boxes you install.

When you’re buying a nesting box, you want to check that it has a metal plate around the door. This is to prevent woodpeckers from widening the opening to allow them to get to the baby birds inside.

In terms of the type of box you buy, that will depend on the birds you’re trying to attract. Ms Hodgson points out that robins prefer open-fronted boxes, while sparrows like the adjoining nesting units, for example.

Where you locate your nest box is also important. Making sure that it’s hidden is vital, as birds typically don’t like nesting out in the open. You can strategically position them behind shrubs to increase the chances of them being used, she advised.

Be aware of the way that walls and other features in your garden can create turbulence and updrafts too – what might not seem like a lot to you can be hard work for a small garden bird.

If you’re trying to attract more small birds into your garden, you should put bird feeders up, as well as planting shrubs and trees that produce berries. Adding some insect-friendly plants to your borders can also help attract birds too.

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