When Can We See Spring Flowers?

By on 12th March 2018

The best gardening services London has to offer means you could be looking out over a scene of beautiful spring flowers this year, but when will they turn up?

The cold snap has meant that many spring flowers will be out later than usual, after all, we have just had one of the first St David’s Day’s without daffodils for years. But what does that mean for other spring flowers?

The best way of guessing is to see when flowers have made an appearance in other cold years.

Back in 2010 after the late snowy winter in the UK, there were none to be seen in mid-March in Cumbria. This produced something of a headache for the local tourist board who were inundated with complaints from people who had travelled there specifically to experience the floral displays made so infamous by Wordsworth in his poetry.

They eventually resorted to asking visitors to tweet and email them with any reported sightings of daffodils, to form a daffodil map for future visitors.

They did however, appear by the spring equinox. This means we should be seeing some displays by 21 March this year.

Don’t fret however, other flowers should be making an appearance soon. Crocuses should be out shortly to remind us that spring is on the way.

Other later spring flowers such as primroses and bluebells may not be affected, so don’t reschedule your plans to visit bluebell woods in May just yet. They may well come out bang on time as per usual.