Why Snow Is Good For Your Garden

By on 6th March 2018

If you are someone who likes to invest in the best gardening services London has to offer, then you may be worried about the impact of the recent cold weather on your garden.

London, like a lot of the rest of the country has been suffering with cold weather and snow, not to mention the travel breakdowns that have come as a result of this.

Cold weather can cause problems for some tender plants, but actually snow can help protect them. A layer of snow can protect tender plans from the worst of cold temperatures and the wind.

In fact, alpine plants show less snow tolerance than some other cold climate plants, because they have adapted to be covered by a layer of snow, which will keep them a few degrees warmer than they would if exposed to the cold air.

The cold weather will also help to rid your gardens of pests and diseases. If you find that there are fewer slugs this summer then remember back to this period of the winter, when many of the eggs in the soil may have been killed, resulting in lower numbers later.

The cold weather and snow is also good if you have compacted soil, as if you have already dug your beds over, the frost should cause the soil to break down. This is as the cold weather freezes the water in it, when water freezes it expands, and cracks the clods apart. This means much less digging in the spring!