How To Attract Small Birds To Your Garden

By on 16th February 2018

One of the most delightful parts of having a stunning, well-maintained garden is seeing how many birds and little animals flock to it once it’s properly flourishing and doing well.

It can be an awful lot of fun spotting the different kinds of creatures that come and go on a daily basis – but you should also do your best to encourage as much wildlife as you can, and what you choose to plant can certainly help in this regard.

Figures from the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch campaign show that there has sadly been a drop in sightings of some of our most favourite garden birds. House sparrows, for example, have declined by 57 per cent and starlings by 80 per cent since 1979.

So what can you do to bring these little birds back to our gardens? Tips from the charity include putting up bird feeders here and there, although remember to be patient because birds are apparently creatures of habit and it can take them a bit of time to make repeat visits to a specific garden.

Other advice includes planting trees or shrubs with fruit and berries on them as this can attract certain species of birds (like thrushes or waxwings). Similarly, insect-friendly plants can also really help in this regard – and you’ll also get lots of butterflies, bees, hoverflies and moths.

And you should also make sure there’s enough water available, even in winter, so put a bird bath somewhere so they have somewhere to go for a swim. If there’s space, you could even install a pond.

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